Savour The Flavours With 7CAFé By 7-Eleven

Jason Chandrasekhar (GM) during his speech

When speaking of high quality yet affordable food, one should not forget the distinction offered by 7CAFé by 7-Eleven with its latest offering for its Ready To Eat meals.

Your go-to convenience store which has evolved in recent years into a lifestyle convenience destination is now a go to for on-the-go meals made for everyone and curated with favourite local flavours to suit the appellate taste.

Ready to dive into 7CAFé by 7-Eleven’s choice of meals on the go which includes highly recommended Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM5.90), Nasi Ayam Pad Kra Pao (RM6.90), Nasi Ayam Masam Manis (RM8.90) and Pasta Keju Pedas (RM7.90).

Chef Riza Ismail introducing the RTE Meals
Media voted on their Top 4 RTE Meals at 7-Eleven
Visitors picking RTE Meals
Chef Riza Ismail proud to share and curate 7-Eleven RTE Meals

Staying true to its promise, all menus are carefully selected to provide diversified product choices to customers while staying true to offering affordable meals from RM5.90, with fresh high-quality locally sourced ingredients, highlighting Malaysian flavour at the same time.

Available in more than 300 7CAFé by 7-Eleven and selected 7-Eleven stores nationwide, one would never miss out on savouring these flavours anytime and anywhere. Full menu listing includes Nasi Goreng Belado (RM5.90), Nasi Goreng Telur (RM5.90), Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM5.90), Nasi Ayam Paprik (RM6.90), Nasi Ayam Nyonya (RM6.90), Nasi Ayam Pad Kra Pao (RM6.90), Nasi Ayam Kong Pao (RM8.90), Nasi Ayam Sweet and Sour (RM8.90), Nasi Ayam Kam Heong (RM8.90), Nasi Ayam Kari (RM8.90), Pasta Keju Pedas (RM7.90), and Pasta Budae Jjigae (RM8.90).

At the launch, members of the media and influencers voted four meals as their favourites:- Nasi Ayam Nyonya, Pasta Keju Pedas, Nasi Ayam Kam Heong, and Nasi Ayam Masam & Manis. The Ready To Eat meals were officially launched by Jason Chandrasekhar, General Manager, Fresh Food & Quality Assurance of 7-Eleven Malaysia, along with Chin Hor Wai, General Manager, Marketing of 7-Eleven Malaysia while Chef Riza Ismail, Chef Executive of 7-Eleven Malaysia shared the secret to the delectable meals.