Pushpanjali WellHealth Masterclass : A Complete Wellness Plan For The Mind, Body And Soul


img-20221027-wa0022For those of us who are on the go every day, life can get very stressful leading to health problems such as hypertension and joint pain. Some of us take medication while others may opt for more natural remedies. Healing naturally is actually the best method and one can consider the Pushpanjali Wellhealth Masterclass, founded by the Bhuyan sisters.

The Bhuyan sisters are Vanita, Sangeeta and Simran, daughters of the legendary Classical Dance exponent, the late Padmashree Pushpa Bhuyan. All 3 sisters are accomplished professionals trained in the Five Classical Dances of India. They have curated a new concept of healing through body positivity and mind positivity.


img-20221027-wa0020Pushpanjali Wellhealth Workshops impart a complete Wellness Plan for the mind, body and soul. This approach brings together ancient wisdoms of healing through nuances extracted from the disciplines of Indian Classical Dance & Yoga.

Participants at these workshops will learn easy to implement and simple to follow techniques. These include eye exercises, hand movements, face yoga, nutrition tips and chakra meditation. They target common issues such as blood pressure, geadaches, backaches, cervical, diabetes, cholesterol, joints/pains and sinus/allergies.

The workshops will benefit everyone regardless of age or gender. The techniques can be practised at home, in the car or in the office every day and it takes just a few minutes to implement. They help combat stress, build immunity, strengthen lungs, increase oxygen, among other health issues.

There are several session plans available include bespoke, group, one-off, weekly or monthly sessions depending on participants’ preferences and time schedule. Please visit www.puspanjaliwellhealth.com for more details.