Nana’s Green Tea : The Cuisine



Dining in Nana’s Green Tea is like being in a Japanese tea house, albeit a modern version. Here, tea addicts like me can indulge in everything matcha from drinks to cuisine to desserts. Judging from the crowds everyday, I can see there are many who love green tea in their food. Their lunch set menu at RM18.80 is certainly value for money as you can choose your main course and drink, there’s everything from noodles to rice and as for drinks, choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks.

Most of the rice dishes have millet rice which is a healthy rice as it contains 10 different kinds of cereal mixed with polished rice. Nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber can be found in the rice, said to be good for the heart. I find millet rice to be much less starchy than white rice.


I am going to start with my favourite dish at Nana’s Green Tea. It’s a simple rice with vege dish but tastes super delicious when you mix the poached egg into the rice. The sticky texture is beyond compare. Tori Soboro Don (RM16.80) is special marinated minced chicken served with warm millet rice and garnished with pea sprout, spring onion and Japanese style poached egg. The pea sprouts give that crunchy texture and sweet flavor to this rice dish.


One of Nana’s Green Tea’s bestsellers, Locomoco Hamburg (RM20,80) comes with a generous portion of beef or chicken patty served with warm millet rice with “Homemade Tomato Locomoco Sauce”garnished with red leaf lettuce, capsicum, broccoli and Japanese style poached egg. The meat is tender and the sauce much more flavorful than your average tomato sauce from the bottle.


Chicken Karaage Curry Udon (RM16.80) is a delight for udon lovers. The curry isn’t too spicy and the texture of the noodles is nice and springy.


Unagi Don (RM28.80) is grilled soy marinated eel served over warm millet rice and garnished with sesame, nori and spring onion. The eel tastes very fresh and the flesh is tender yet firm. I love the fact that they sprinkled sesame and nori over it, these are some of  my favourite garnishing.


Now this dish is interesting thanks to the light pink which has no colouring, it’s all natural colour from a seafood ingredient. This is Seafood Mentaiko Udon with Cream Sauce (RM28.80) and is served with prawns, scallops, squid, walleye pollock roe called “mentaiko”, capsicum and spring onion in cream sauce. It’s kind of like Japanese meets Italian. I bet this cream sauce would be wonderful with spaghetti and other knds of pasta. It’s rich and creamy and definitely very filling without making me feel like it’s too much cream. Easy to digest and so very presentable, don’t you think?

Overall, I think Nana’s Green Tea has a high quality of food at reasonable prices and little wonder that the new restaurant is so bustling at all hours. It’s a cozy restaurant which offers a wide range of drinks, cuisine and desserts. This could well be the most popular eatery in the mall. Since the food tasting, I have already returned once with a friend and she liked the food and desserts. I’d love to go back again but I really have to be early otherwise I will find myself having to wait for a table.