Mum’s Bake Cocopie With Marshmallow Ideal For Lunch Boxes


dsc_5950I noticed these Mum’s Bake Cocopie with Marshmallow at Econsave last night when I was looking for an after-dinner snack. There are 3 variations – Chocolate Pie with Marshmallow, Chocolate Pie with Strawberry Marshmallow and Dark Chocolate Pie with Marshmallow. I got the Dark Chocolate Pie with Marshmallow as I thought it would be the least sweet of the three.

dsc_5953dsc_5957dsc_5958There are 6 individually packed sachets in each pack which makes them ideal for kids’ lunch boxes. Each pack is RM3 each. The chocolate pie is very crumbly and soft but so little marshmallow inside, certainly not as much as what is shown on the pack. It tastes okay but won’t be buying again.