Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum A Lot Cheaper Online


dsc_9561Having read some good and encouraging reviews online about Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum, I decided to give it a try. I haven’t bought any skincare in a long time, probably more than a year. On Shopee, there is a seller in Korea selling 3 x 9ml bottles of Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum at RM31 which is a lot cheaper than if I bought at Watsons or any of the Mamonde counters. The serum arrived yesterday, would have arrived earlier but it was handled by Poslaju.

Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum reminds me of the Nutritious range at Estee Lauder as the key ingredient is pomegranate. I am not sure if this is formulated for younger skin but since it is not expensive for a serum, I decided to order it. I like the fact that it’s in 3 x 9ml bottles instead of one bigger bottle.

So what is Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum? It’s an essential recovery serum to boost the skin’s energy and create a smooth radiant skin in only five days. It claims to help smooth and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier for a smoother and firmer appearance. That might be true for those with younger skin but may be impossible for my skin which probably needs something stronger and more potent than this serum. Still, the price point means that I won’t feel so disappointed if it doesn’t work.


Well I hope it can replenish moisture and revitalize my skin which seriously needs both. The serum is quite liquid and easy to absorb into skin. The serum came in a small box and wrapped in bubble wrap together with a few sachets of foundation and skincare. Hopefully I can see some positive results in 7 days.