MAC Maleficent Collection



Thanks to a tip-off from a reader this morning, I discovered that MAC’s Maleficent Collection is at MAC KLCC exclusively from today onwards but I understand that stocks are very limited and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lip products are sold out soon. I went to MAC KLCC to take a peek during lunch time. Maleficent is one of Disney’s most famous villains and also known as the Mistress of All Evil. The packaging of this collection isn’t as attractive as it was when MAC came out with the Venomous Villains Collection a few years ago. The packaging for this collection is a bit too ordinary for me and isn’t the selling point. It would have been nice to have had Maleficent’s profile on the products rather than wings which makes it more like a Batman collection.

These are the highlights from the Maleficent Collection:-

Maleficent Eye Shadow x 4 RM162



1. Goldmine : Intense gold with shimmer (frost)

2. Ground Brown : Dirty deep brown (matte)

3. Concrete : Muted taupe brown (satin)

4. Carbon : Intense black (matte)

This is the only eyeshadow palette in the collection which is a pity because the shades are not particularly outstanding. I’d have liked a greenish palette, some more mysterious colours to reflect the Maleficent character. The only shade I like in this palette is Goldmine.

Beauty Powder RM120


The shade is Natural, a soft peachy pink. It can be used as an all-over/highlight/finishing powder.

Sculpting Powder RM88



Enhances natural bone structure. Immaculately shaded to create natural-looking shadow effects, the finish is sheer and matte.

PRO Longwear Lipglass Anthurium RM88 & Lipstick true Love’s Kiss RM75



Blood red! This is for those who truly love red lip products.

Nail Polish RM52


Uninvited : Neutral nude shade

Flaming Rose : True Red

Nocturnelle : Black-as-night black






  1. indeed, packaging doesn’t look nice. i thought it is some crow wings at first sight. The lipglass is really bloody red. ermm, doesn’t intrigue me.