Line Walker 3 Also Known As Line Walker Bull Fight


line-walker-bull-fightThere have been so many dramas about good cop/bad cop and cops as undercover agents infiltrating triads. One of the more memorable ones is Line Walker in 2014 followed by Line Walker : The Prelude in 2017 and now we have Line Walker 3 also known as Line Walker : Bull Fight. Some of the characters in the previous 2 Line Walker are in this current series, namely Sit Ka-keung or Bao Seed (Raymond Lam) and Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu). I am astonished that Raymond and Michael don’t seem to have aged a bit.

Anyway Line Walker Bull Fight takes place 4 years after Line Walker and Bao Seed is still undercover officer for Hong Kong Police Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) while Cheuk Hoi has been released from prison and has opened a coffee shop. CIB Chief Inspector Cheung Kei-gee (Mandy Wong) suspects Cheuk Hoi of joining the triad. Kei-gee or Madam G has Asperger Syndrome and Savant Syndrome.

There’s a new intelligence department known as Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) headed by Wai Chok-wing (Kenneth Ma) who has one hair style when he is an undercover agent known as Mr. Klein and another hair style when he reverts to a cop. Other characters include Ah Dau (Sisley Choi), an undercover agent who is always in jacket and shorts even when she is in cop mode, Cheng Shuk-mui (Priscilla Wong), former CIB agent and Pong Ho-yeung (Owen Cheung), an aspiring Song Luen triad boss who wants to turn the triad business legal.