Jibby & Co @ Empire Shopping Gallery: Ambiance Was Better Than The Food

10 out of 10 for the decor and ambiance
10 out of 10 for the decor and ambiance

A few weeks ago, I happened to be at Empire Shopping Gallery to meet a PR friend and we chose Jibby & Co for lunch. I hadn’t been there previously but had read good reviews about the restaurant. Stepping inside, it does give welcoming vibes as the place is decorated with pots of plants hanging on the bannister above and there is a long row of stairs leading to more seating upstairs. We were seated downstairs nearest the door & the sink.

There are lots of choices on the menu. I ordered from the breakfast section of the menu (available from 8.30am – 4pm). Hang Over @ RM31 was my pick and that consisted of Chicken Sausage, Crispy Beef Bacon, French Fries, Onion Jam, Melted American Cheese, Sunny Side Up.

0 out of 10 for this mess

What arrived looked nothing like what I had pictured in my mind. This was one soggy mess of a breakfast. Firstly, it didn’t even look appetising. I’ve had this kind of breakfast before at hawker centres and those looked far more appetising than this. The fried eggs at my local mixed rice stall look far better than the eggs on this plate, the crispy beef bacon was not even 1% crispy, the worse thing was the sorry state of the chicken sausages which were sliced thinly rather than an entire long or short piece of sausage. The American Cheese was melted but looked more like a blob of mayo than cheese. The fries were not crispy – it’s the worst breakfast dish I have ever had in my entire life. They should just take this item off the menu. I can’t believe anyone would love this dish. I can do much better than this and I don’t even like or enjoy cooking.