Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox Gel Anti-Spot


dsc_8977I don’t know if it’s a result of wearing masks or I just have the occasional skin breakout but there were a few hard-to-get-rid-of blemishes around my chin area. I turned to Isabelle Lancray Puraline Detox Gel Anti-Spot. This is a film forming gel spot product, especially for the regulation of local inflammation and impurities due to seborrhea.

The instant fixed film formula supports the exact spot, with the active agents. A cocktail of herbal raw materials in combination with salicylic acid regulates the seborrhea, improves the sebum metabolism and impurities subside much quicker.

dsc_8978Overnight, I can see the blemish has subsided when the night before it was inflamed. This is one of the quickest acting blemish products I have used. Unlike some other blemish products, this doesn’t dry out the area on which it has been applied. Luckily I have this one around as it is really effective.