Irresistibly Fruity Bodycare From The Body Shop


It’d been a long time since I purchased anything from The Body Shop (TBS) but one day in November 2010, having some time to kill, I stepped into MidValley’s TBS to check out their festive season promotion sets.

What caughf their ever helpful sales assistants (normally, I prefer to be left alone while browsing in any shop) as I didn’t know which shampoo was suitable for my dry hair. I knew I didn’t want the Facial Cleansing Gel so it was a choice between the Banana and Icy Blue Shampoo.

t my eyes were their twin bodycare sets. You had a choice of the following combinations for RM45:

1) Banana Shampoo OR Icy Blue Shampoo OR Passionfruit Facial Cleansing Gel


2) Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel OR Green Apple Bath & Shower Gel OR Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel

The sales assistant recommended the Banana Shampoo as that was for dry hair while the Icy Blue was for oily hair. I asked her which bath & shower gel had the strongest scent and she again helpfully indicated the Dewberry. So it was with her recommendation that I ended up with the Banana Shampoo/Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel set.

Banana Shampoo & Dewberry Bath and Shower Gel

Banana Shampoo

In appearance, the Banana Shampoo looks like pureed banana and the consistency isn’t that thick. I don’t need a lot of it to work up a reasonably good lather. It cleans well in the sense that my scalp doesn’t feel itchy after the shampoo nor even a day or two after the shampoo.

Banana Shampoo

What I like most about the Banana Shampoo isn’t the scent (which isn’t very strong but then again who wants their hair to smell of bananas?) but the sheen and smoothness it imparts on my hair after the shampoo. It works rather well on my dry hair so for that, I give it my thumbs up.

Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel

This light purple, transparent gel has a gorgeous scent. I am in love with my own skin after I’ve showered with it as the scent of dewberry lingers on it, albeit not for long.

Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel

Poured into the bath or a pail of water for those who don’t have baths, it creates a luxurious foam. Immersing oneself in a bath with this Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel is much better than showering with it as the scent pervades every body orifice.

Whereas my favourite TBS Bath & Shower Gel remains their bestselling Olive, their Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel comes a close second.

It was surprising to find that both products had a 2010 manufacturing date because from prior experience with TBS promotional price products, the manufacturing date can be more than a year ago.