G Hotel Welcomes Another Les Clef’s D’or Member

Close-up of the pin
Close-up of the pin

What used to be a dream is now a reality for Mr. Jason Kavin as he now proudly wears the Golden Keys on his lapel and is an official full keys member of Les Clefs d’Or. He received the prestigious international Les Clefs d’Or recognition in a pinning ceremony that took place recently at G Hotel Gurney by Michael Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel Penang.

What is Les Clefs d’Or (pronounced as lay clay door) and who are they? Les Clefs d’Or or known in English as the Golden Keys, is a professional association that houses the best of the best concierges from literally every corner of the world. Originating from France, its objectives are to establish and promote high professionals and ethical standards amongst concierges. Seasoned jet-setters would be able to spot these elite concierges from a mile away. They are the charming gentlemen welcoming and assisting guests at hotel lobbies with distinguishing pins awarded to them by the international Les Clefs d’Or organization on their lapels. These golden insignia pins depict two golden keys crossed in an ‘x’ formation.

Jason has been with G Hotel for over 14 years now, starting as a Bellman and through hard work and perseverance, he made his way up to Assistant Chief Concierge at a tender age of 31. Since hearing about Les Clefs d’Or, he had set sight on his goal in becoming a member of Les Clefs d’Or, following the footsteps on his colleague Mr. Mohd Junaidy. According to Jason, “We are always in pursuit of ensuring that the quality of service is maintained at the highest level because we are the first point of contact for guests, making us the face of the hotel’s brand. The attributes of being a good concierge is being passionate about guest service, always attentive, always smiling and ready to go to nearly any length to fulfil wishes.”

Being a member of Les Clefs d’Or is the ultimate recognition one can get in the hospitality world. What makes this an exclusive membership is that they don’t accept just anyone into Les Clefs d’Or. Before earning the right, one has to go through the associations exacting selection process which consists of recommendations, a series of interviews and a written exam in which their knowledge, network and professionalism is put to the test.

Junaidy, Miichael & Jason
Junaidy, Michael & Jason

G Hotel is honoured to now have 2 elite concierges, namely Mr. Jason Kavin and Mr. Mohd Junaidy who hold The Golden Keys and membership to the prestigious hotel concierge society. Be sure to ask for either one of them as they are your golden keys to open doors that no others can and let them show you the true meaning of service through friendship when you stay at G Hotel.

“During these difficult times, an achievement like this means the world to G Hotel and it serves as an assurance to guests that they are being taken care of by extraordinarily well-trained professionals. We would like to congratulate Jason on getting into the society and making G Hotel proud.” said Michael Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel.