Finally A Truly Smudge-Proof Formula : L’oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara



L’oreal’s latest mascara, Curl Impact Collagene claims to be smudge-proof and curl-fixing. It’s supposed to be volumising too. One of the core ingredients is Amplifying Collagene for volumising lashes and it also contains a Curl-Fixing Complex which provides lashes with instant curling, even without the use of an eyelash curler, they claim.

This Curl-Fixing Complex contains the two essential ingredients – film-wrapped polymers and extra hard olive wax. The polymers wrap lashes in a uniform film upon application of Curl Impact Collagene and lashes are set in a curling position while the extra hard olive wax fixes lashes in the curling position for an all-day hold.

As usual, skeptical me thought “yeah, right” when I received this mascara and read the media release. I’ve had more mascaras smudge on me than I can count. This mascara applicator has an unusual shape, it’s rather curvy.

The brush is described as a “unique 2-sided spiral curler brush” and specifically designed for Asian eyes. Well, that’s good to know since Asian eyes are way different from Caucasian eyes and we need more mascaras designed for our eye shapes.

This is the recommended way to use the brush (it’s printed on the reverse of the box along with diagrams):-

(1) for jet-set volume, use the outer arch of the brush to apply the mascara in a zigzag motion from lash roots to tip;

(2) for lasting curl all day long, twist the brush to its side to arch each lash in a curling position to fix the curl;

(3) optionally, make use of the useful slim tip of the brush to lift the lashes at the corners of the eyes for a complete finishing touch.

So, descriptions and recommendations aside, how did it fare for this rather jaded beauty reviewer who has seen all kinds of mascaras over the decades? Would it disappoint? Would it be tossed aside and left to languish in a hidden corner of the drawer, only to see daylight again years later when it would have to be tossed out?

By Jove! The mascara was actually quite good. It curled my lashes to a very acceptable degree without the aid of an eyelash curler, the lashes stayed like that the whole day and best of all, there was NO smudging. No kidding, it stayed on for hours without transferring to my undereye area and for that, I am thankful.

There wasn’t much in the way of volumising though it is quite an intense black. I thought the volumising effect was minimal as was lengthening. It separates my lashes and there is no clumping. The two best things about this mascara are that it really holds its own as a curling mascara and for once, this L’oreal mascara didn’t smudge on me, no more raccoon eyes with this one.

Lastly, I do like the packaging of this mascara as it is not bulky nor too long. It can be removed easily with warm water. Good job on this one, L’oreal. The mascara is 11ml/RM59.90.

Note : The Curl Impact Collagene Mascara was provided by PR for review.