Eunyul Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Facial Care Eye Cream


dsc_9693A few weeks ago, I ordered a tube of Eunyul Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Facial Care Eye Cream on Beautystall’s shop on Shopee. It was worth a try as the tube is 40ml and priced below RM25. So it wouldn’t be so painful on the budget even if it wasn’t that effective. I was drawn to the main ingredient, snail slime filtrate which include the mucin ingredient that is well known for wound healing, skin brightening and moisturising.



The box came in a bright fuchsia envelope which I am sure can’t be missed by whichever courier company delivering. After using it for over two weeks, I can safely say it’s effective for hydrating and softening skin around the eyes. I think that at that kind of price, it is too much to expect it to improve the appearance of wrinkles.