Elevate Your Style With Vivo V29 5G: Starry Purple And Noble Black Take Center Stage

Black and Purple Vivo V29 5G

Contributed by Kenny Phang.

In collaboration with Defy Media.

Black and Purple Vivo V29 5G

vivo is thrilled to introduce the official vivo V29 5G in Malaysia. This smartphone is currently offered in two enchanting hues: Starry Purple and Noble Black, each showcasing a unique blend of elegance and refinement, paving the way for fresh fashion trends.

Design Inspired by the Celestial Beauty

The vivo V29 5G Starry Purple is inspired by the beauty of the Milky Way, reflecting the graceful symmetry of celestial rivers. It portrays clusters of stars shining brilliantly, adding a touch of enchantment. Purple, a prominent colour this year, makes Starry Purple a fashionable choice. The vivo V29 5G aspires to recreate the mesmerizing convergence of two celestial rivers.

 Innovative Technology for a Glittering Milky Way Effect

To achieve the stunning Milky Way-like effect, vivo V29 5G innovated by using hidden magnetic forces to control 9 million magnetic particles, shaping distinct patterns. These particles, differing in size and orientation, create captivating light and shadow effects through various refraction paths. vivo’s designers meticulously managed the reflection angles, resulting in a natural, layered interplay of light and shadow.

Sleek and Lightweight Design for Comfort and Style

The vivo V29 5G features a streamlined curved screen with a seamless transition from the smooth and delicate curved surface to the frame. With a mere thickness of 7.46 mm and a featherlight weight of 186g, it offers both a visually appealing design and a comfortable grip.

Introducing Noble Black

Apart from Starry Purple, the vivo V29 5G comes in Noble Black, a timeless and classy colour. The Noble Black variant has Fluorite AG Glass that reflects a subtle shine when light hits its etched surface, adding to its elegance. Additionally, the use of nano-scale photoetching ensures the phone’s durability and resistance to stains.

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