Eco Model International Search 2011 Grand Finale


Eco MODEL International Search is the first event of its kind in Malaysia that showcases models who symbolize a healthy and balanced lifestyle, show concern for the environment and care for the community. The pageant is to reinvent and improve the concept of beauty competitions in the belief that beauty queens can be great and effective advocates of worthy causes, consistent with Government initiatives on green growth and green economy.

Among the requirements for being an Eco MODEL International are that the model must practice eco living, show concern for the environment and minimize waste. They must also practice three fundamental purchasing and living attributes which include (1) choosing durable items made in a sustainable manner, (2) practice purchasing used and remade clothes, rent handbags and (3) undertake community service projects.

The models participating in Eco MODEL Search International have undergone a five-day intensive health screening, numerous health and exercise routines, participated in eco walks, attending classes for cooking healthy meals and participated in voluntary community work. They have also had to undergo IQ tests.

Their clothes are made from polyester fabrics recycled from plastic bottles or organic cotton on which the prints were made from natural dyes. The shoes were made with green manufacturing processes and the accessories all have  eco designs.

This event is an important curtain raiser for the Second International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference (IGEM) to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from 7-10 Sept 2011. IGEM is the region’s largest Green Technology and Eco Products Exhibition ad Conference.

The co-emcees at the Grand Finale of Eco MODEL International Search were DJ, Pietro Felix and TV host/producer, Jojo Struys who gave a riveting tap dance performance. Pietro interviewed the models who were largely articulate, confident and coherent about the importance of adopting an eco lifestyle.

Without further ado, here are the 3 winners of Eco MODEL International Search 2011:-

The Winner, Amanda Cheng Yi Ling
1st Runner-up, Ayse Nur Bt Hikmet (Jujus)


2nd Runner-up, Teh Ming Choo (Tiara) in the centre

The winner of Eco MODEL International Search 2o11 is 20 year old Cheng Yi Leng (Amanda), a student and model. 1st runner-up is 22 year old Ayse Nur Bt Hikmet (Jujus), a model and 2nd runner-up is 25 year old Teh Ming Choo, a Wealth Advisor.

The prizes are RM20,000 for the winner, RM10,000 for the 1st runner-up and RM5,000 for the 2nd runner-up. Congratulations to all the winners.

There are more photos on Juniper’s Facebook page.