Dr Morita Snail Repair Essence Facial Mask


dr-morita-snail-repair-essence-facial-maskDr Morita Snail Repair Essence Facial Mask is a very thin textured mask, it is extremely moist. It was dripping with essence when I removed it from the sachet. It has ingredient extracted from garden snails (how valuable they are in the beauty industry), essence of yeast extract and organic plant extract.

dr-morita-snail-repair-essence-facial-mask-guardianThis mask is so incredibly hydrating and nourishing. The functions of this mask include generation of skin cells, preventing the loss of hydration and enhancing skin elasticity and moisture.

Facial masks with snail extract seem to be very popular, especially masks from Taiwan and Korea. I’m just wondering how they extract whatever it is they extract from those garden snails.