Colgate Naturals Real White


dsc_0579Infused with seaweed and crystalline salts, I expected Colgate Naturals Real White to be slightly salty but it isn’t. Instead, it is quite refreshing and cool without being minty, just what I like in my toothpaste. The colour is also very nice, not like the typical white toothpaste we are so accustomed to.

dsc_1095I think it’s a great idea to come up with toothpaste flavours alternative to mint, which is the flavour of most toothpaste. Between this and Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh, I prefer Colgate Naturals Real White.

Colgate Naturals Pure White has a recommended retail selling price of RM11.90 and RM21.40, for the 120g and 120g twin pack respectively.