Chup! The Chicken Rice Shop Calls You To Take A Break For Their 24th Anniversary

With Mr. Wong Kah Yong, Chief Executive Officer of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd

The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS), a homegrown halal family-chain restaurant, proudly celebrates 24 years of bringing people together over delicious meals. Celebrating another year of offering the nation chicken rice goodness, TCRS is excited to introduce a new menu item, Chicken Chup!

Available in stores nationwide from 10 June until 11 August 2024, Chicken Chup! is a unique dish featuring a juicy chicken chop paired with black pepper lime sauce. This innovative creation offers a distinctive flavour experience with its tender meat coated in a rich, peppery sauce with a refreshing hint of lime.

For the past 24 years, TCRS has been a cornerstone in the Malaysian food industry, offering a homely atmosphere where people from all walks of life can gather to enjoy a hearty meal. Founded on the principles of providing authentic Malaysian cuisine, TCRS has grown from a single outlet to a nationwide chain, serving millions of satisfied customers.

Mr. Wong Kah Yong, Chief Executive Officer of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd delivering his speech

Wong Kah Yong, Chief Executive Officer of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd, shared his gratitude for the team’s strength and support, which has been instrumental in the business’s growth over the years. “The journey has not been without challenges, but the unwavering support from our loyal customers and the dedication of our team have been the driving forces behind our success.”

“TCRS has remained resilient, showcasing our dedication to serving authentic Malaysian cuisine. Our ability to overcome obstacles and grow stronger reflects the trust and loyalty we have earned from our customers over the past 24 years,” Kah Yong added.

From its humble beginnings, TCRS has continuously evolved, adapting to changing tastes and preferences while staying true to its roots. The introduction of Chicken Chup! is a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to culinary excellence. Over the years, TCRS has introduced various popular dishes, each reflecting Malaysian cuisine’s rich and diverse flavours. This continuous evolution has cemented its reputation as a beloved dining restaurant.

Chup & Chill
Chicken Chup!

To cater to different group sizes, Chicken Chup! offers three sets: Set Chup Satu, Chup Dua, and Chup Empat. Additionally, to quench your thirst, TCRS introduces its limited-time drink, Chup and Chill, providing a fizzy and refreshing complement to the new dish.

“The newly launched menu is our way of thanking our loyal customers for their never-ending support. We hope it brings joy and satisfaction to everyone who tries it. We will continue our efforts to provide top notch food experiences and expand our reach nationwide,” concluded Kah Yong.

Recently, TCRS had a media preview of their Chicken Chup and I am pleased to say it is rather delicious but may be a tad (too) spicy for some. However, I found the spice level to be quite alright and it is definitely delicious, It has a creamy taste with a tolerable (for me) spice level and zesty flavour thanks to the lime. This dish has more of a ‘zing’ than steamed chicken, for sure.

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