Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Eau de Parfum



Bobbi Brown fragrances come in practically no-frills bottles. They all look the same save for the different font on the front of the bottles. I like the box as you don’t need to take the fragrance out of the box to view it. I prefer boxes like this where you just take off the top of the box.


Just like the bottle, the scent is very fresh, clean and inviting. It smells subtle and definitely not overpowering. It features a delicate balance of inspiring Italian bergamot blended with violet leaves to relax and soothe the senses. Notes of muguet and jasmine petals with a soft cedar and warm amber background enhance the scent.

I would recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for scents that aren’t too strong. However, the top notes dissipate a bit too quickly. I can still smell the middle and base notes after an hour but it’s very faint. It would have been the perfect fragrance if it had a bit more staying power.

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Eau de Parfum retails at RM220/50ml.