Almost All Sold Out In 10 Minutes!



You think that because today is a public holiday, I could relax and chill out at home? Oh noooooooo, I had to rush to MAC Pavilion because The Simpsons Collection is out and because they don’t take reservations, one has to be an early bird or miss out on the goodies. As it turned out, there were plenty of birds earlier than me because I arrived at 10 after 10am and everyone there had either paid or were paying up for their Simpsons haul. It seems that all the early birds had started queuing up outside the outlet by 9.30am. At that time, I was still dawdling at home.

The first question I asked was “Is The Trillion Dollar Look Quad still available”? My heart sank when they shook their heads and said I was too late, a all the quads were gone save for half a dozen of Marge’s Extra Ingredients Quad which I had no interest in purchasing. But then luck was on my side because once all the other Simpsons purchasers had left the store happily smiling all the way home, someone produced the last of The Trillion Dollar Look Quad and asked if I still wanted it. Do I? Is Marge’s hair blue? Yes, you are looking at the one who bought the last Trillion Dollar Look Quad available in MAC Pavilion. Don’t hate me!

This is a small collection and the quantities are seriously limited so much so that this is all that was left of the collection by 10.30am.


2 x Pink Sprinkles Powder Blush

6 x Marge’s Extra Ingredients Quad

5 x The Simpsons 7 Lash

3 x The Simpsons Nail Stickers

If you can’t see what you want here, you’ll have to try your luck online or enter my Giveaway (a bit of self-promo here but what the heck, this is my blog).



That Trillion Dollar Look Quad is my favourite from this collection. The shades are beautiful to look at and I can see the potential in this palette. They don’t necessarily need to be used with each other as I can pair them with similar shades from other brands.

From L to R – Lisa’s Spikes (lime green), Apple Squishee (midtone Kelly green), 2 Dozen and One Greyhounds (dirty olive green), Chalkboard Dreams (deep blackened teak)



Marge’s Extra Ingredients Quad didn’t strike me as being particularly striking as I am sure we all have similar shades in our collections. Furthermore, I see similar shades in MAC’s other limited edition collections so this one wouldn’t pique my interest much.

From L to R – Harpooned Heart (light bay pink), Sexy PB & J (midtone bright violet), Beehive Blue(midtone bright blue), Vivacioous Vacuum Cleaner Black (deep navy)





Pink Sprinkles is very sheer and I can see it working or rather showing on fairer skin tones but I think Sideshow You would be better for darker or tanned skin tones. Sideshow You is more intense and doesn’t need as much layering as Pink Sprinkles. Pink Sprinkles gives a more natural look for fairer skin tones.



All the lipglasses were sold out by the time I arrived. There were customers who bought all 3. I wonder who’d wear the bright neon lime yellow.

From L to R – Nacho Cheese Explosion (bright neon lime yellow), Grand Pumpkin (bright neon orange), Red Blazer (bright fuchsia)


I would never ever use the nail stickers if I had them!

the simpsons

On cheeks – Pink Sprinkles Powder Blush

On eyes – That Trillion Dollar Look Quad

I’d love to take home the display for the collection as it has Marge’s image with her tall beehive blue hair. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that this collection is being snapped up faster than lemonade on a scorching hot day.



  1. Wow really wonder who is going to wear the neon yellow on lips
    Other two looked quite intresting though
    Love the eye quad the lime n green one nice bright colors
    Both the blushes look nice n fresh
    All in all a good collection

  2. They didn’t have the one lipglass color that I really wanted Itchy & Scratchy! I thought Nacho Cheese was such a weird color till I saw a girl on IG mix it with Grand Pumpkin. The result was a beautiful light coral!

  3. On MAC Malaysia’s website, both blushes and 2 of the lipglasses in the collection have sold out but the rest of the items in the collection are still available. I just checked again at 11.45a.m. today!