Olay Magnemasks Infusion Whitening Jar Mask + Magnetic Infuser


dsc_4322Some of you have probably noticed the Olay Magnemasks Infusion Whitening Mask Starter Kit at Watsons outlets, it’s a box that contains a jar of Magnemasks Infusion Jar Mask (there are 2 variations, namely Whitening & Rejuvenating) and a Magnetic Infuser. You can purchase the jar masks separately but they work best with the Magnetic Infuser.

As featured earlier, the Magnetic Infuser is specially designed to enhance the penetration of Olay Magnemasks and is exclusively tuned to the molecular properties of Niacinamide and Penta-Peptides, hero ingredients in the formula. When used together by gliding the Magnetic Infuser gently across skin surface, this 2-minute massage miracle repels key ingredients by natural magnetic force, infusing up to three times more hero ingredients 10 layers within the skin’s surface, as compared to finger application, to deliver a revelation in mask technology.

dsc_4365dsc_4366dsc_4368The Magnetic Infuser is easy to hold and glide around on the face. I apply a bit of the moisturiser on my cheeks and start massaging. It feels quite smooth and you just have to be patient and massage for 2 minutes every day. I like the gel texture of the Whitening Jar Mask, it feels very hydrating.

Olay Magnemasks RRP : RM139.90 (Jar Mask + Infuser kit) and RM109.90 (Jar Mask)

Product reviewed is a press sample