Wake Up To Moisturised Skin With Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


Prior to trying out the Origins Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask, the only other overnight masks I’d used were Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack and Beauty Credit’s Coenzyme Q10 Sleeping Maskpack.

I purchased the Origins overnight mask after watching Nuyou’s Beauty Editor, Li Ling recommend it on my favourite local beauty programme, 8Style (if only there was a local beauty programme in English with the same quality content).

Although I don’t have the air-con on every night, my face still tends to feel dehydrated in the mornings so I was game to try the Origins overnight mask which had also been recommended by the beautician at Origins, Isetan KLCC when I went for one of my facials.


This is a creamy mask which is quite thick so one has to use sparingly as only a little is required for the entire face. I get more mileage out of this overnight mask than Laneige’s Sleeping Pack which has a gel texture.

As the Origins overnight mask contains Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil and Mango Butters, you can expect quite a strong fruity scent which may be aromatherapeutic for some and cloying for some but I find it helps me sleep.

When applying, I have to be careful not to apply too thick a layer otherwise the excess will be on my pillow. The next morning, I wake up to very moisturised skin and can feel the mask still on my face.

It isn’t sticky provided again, you don’t apply more than what is necessary. It’s purely a hydrating mask with no brightening/firming benefits for me. As an overnight hydrating mask, it scores top marks as far as I’m concerned but you’ve got to love the scent.

Pricewise, I find it more value for money than Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack because this mask is in a 100ml tube priced at RM105 whereas Laneige’s comes in a 80ml tub priced at RM100. I’d rather have the product in a tube than a tub as it’s much more hygienic even if a spatula is provided with the tub.

As I like the scent of the Origins Overnight Mask, I look forward to using it at least twice a week. I bought this tube more than 6 months ago and I don’t think it’ll be finished in another 6 months.