Laneige K-Secret Cushion Tint


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The Lip Makeup Fever has taken Korea by storm, with leading ladies in our favourite K-Drama series donning so much versatility when it comes to lip wear. With the K-Secret Cushion Tint, ladies can switch from the sweet, innocent look to a chic city girl persona with just a swipe of the lipstick wand.

Laneige all-new K-Secret Cushion Tint is formulated with the intention to provide ladies with easy-to-use lip wear. This lip product creates a gradation effect on the lips. The gradation effect gives off a more subtle, every day look compared to the full, voluminous lookat we see among Hollywood celebrities. The gradation effect provides ladies with the perfect hint of colour on the lips without weighing lips down with thick lipstick colour application.

How to use cut_270285523 strawberry pink

Besides the gradation effect, the K-Secret Cushion Tint is also a multi-use beauty product. It can be used both as a lipstick and also as a blush to restore a healthy complexion. Simply tap the cushion tint lightly on to your cheeks to give them a hint of rosiness.

To achieve the popular gradation effect, apply the cushion tint colour stick on the lips in a tapping motion. Next, gently retouch the colour with the smudging applicator, working from the inner areas outward to complete the gradation lip make-up.

How to use cut_270285528 orange_step1

Tapping Step #1

Tap the color stick on the center of your lips

How to use cut_270285528 orange_step2(use cushion)

Tapping step #2

Spread gradation using the smudging applicator from center of lips outward

270285522 LANEIGE K-secret Cushion Tint #1Cotton Pink_lip

No. 1 Cotton Pink

A charismatic, mystical pink recommended for cool-toned face

270285523 LANEIGE K-secret Cushion Tint #2 Strawberry Pink_lip

No. 2 Strawberry Pink

A stylish pink that makes your skin tone look bright for a girl-next-door look recommended for cool/warm-toned face

270285524 LANEIGE K-secret Cushion Tint #3 Joy Pink__lip

No. 3 Joy Pink

A hot pink shade to exude a sporty, urban look recommended for cool-toned face

270285529 LANEIGE K-secret Cushion Tint #7 Sweet Orange__lip

No. 7 Sweet Orange

Ladies who have a warm-tone to their face and wish to go for a friendly, lovely look would appreciate this shade

Other than the abovementioned shades, there are No. 4 Rose Pink (cool/warm-toned face), No. 5 Brick Mode (warm-toned face) and No. 6 Red Orange (cool/warm-toned face). The K-Secret Cushion Tint are priced at RM55 and will be available in September 2014.