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Thanks to this blog, month after month I have opportunities to preview skincare and makeup which will only be available a month or even a few months after the preview date. Very seldom do products make me sit up and take extra notice but when I saw this new range from Laneige in May, I was quite fascinated because I hadn’t seen anything like this on the market. Laneige can be very innovative when it comes to their skincare!

We all have our dull and tired skin days whether it’s due to exams, work or even household chores. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an instant cure to perk up skin like that? Well come and meet Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Range which is rather unique and if I can’t get one comment out of you on this range, consider me a failure.

Realizing the perks of sparkling water on dull and tired skin, Korean women have long included the use of sparkling water in their daily skin care practices. They have found that on top of providing the skin with a more refreshing look, sparkling water also moisturizes and brightens skin. It also gives you a zest of freshness every time it is applied.

So what exactly is sparkling water? In the simplest of terms, it is carbonated water. It is formed by the disintegration of organic matter underground and generated at low temperatures. The sparkling water found in the Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water range is obtained from the volcanic regions of south-central France, an area protected by the French government.

Sparkling water, which is of high scarcity value and rich in minerals, has many added advantages. It refreshes and improves digestion since carbonation gas revitalizes bowel movement. Consuming a glass of sparkling water will especially refresh you when you are feeling tired at work. Besides that, it also improves blood circulation by stimulating the capillary vessels of skin, improves the elasticity of skin and brightens skin tone.




As part of the media presentation to this range, we were given a container to which was added 500ml tap water + 500ml sparkling water. No matter the volume of water, the ratio should always be 1:1. Then we dunked our faces into the container for about 10 seconds. For those of us who can’t hold our breaths, we can just immerse one side of our face into the water making sure the entire cheek is covered.

Why use Brightening Sparkling Water?

1. Stimulates blood circulation
The carbonated acid found in the sparkling water improves one’s complexion by increasing oxygen saturation and blood flow in blood vessels as it enters the skin. This stimulation of blood circulation improves skin tone.

2. Promotes the turnover of dead skin cells
Poor turnover rate of dead skin cells result in dry, rough and dull skin whereas poor blood flow can cause a dull and dark complexion. Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water range stimulates the turnover of dead skin cells, which results in skin looking brighter, clearer and more radiant. In addition, it strengthens the skin’s barrier by keeping the cornified layer healthy.

3. Keeps pores clean and elastic
The Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water range contains micro-carbonation massage grains that help take care of our pores by eliminating excess oil and impurities. One of the major causes of enlarging pores is due to the composite substance of sebum. Sparkling water contributes to its treatment by strengthening the skin’s barrier resulting in clean and elastic pores, which ensures skin glow with beauty.

To sum up, the main benefits of Brightening Sparkling Water are good skin circulation, dead skin cell care and pore care. The result is radiant skin.

With a Citrus Aromatic theme, the range uses natural scents to match its impressive effects. Blending the Citrus scents of grapefruit, bergamot and lemon, these scents soothe the tired body and mind. The elegant scents of rose, pine and cypress contains the abundant life force of nature, and relieves mental stress.

Besides that, the formula of the Laneige Sparkling Water range is also fused with lemon and orange extracts. Known for its detoxification capabilities, these fruits make the skin look clear, radiant and bright. Furthermore, it nourishes the skin and makes capillary vessels healthy with its abundant vitamins and nutrients.

Brightening Sparkling Whipping Cleanser, 150ml (Price unavailable)



after cleanse

An ultra-mild cleanser with dense rich, whipped cream-like texture made for a 3-in-1 effect of cleansing, massage and radiance. The whipping cleanser ensures that users will not need to worry about skin irritation as it is formulated to treat all skin types.

The ingredients are made up of a mix of AHA extracted from orange, lemon, bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple which work to remove dead skin cells. Its carbonated water ingredient on the other hand delivers essential nutrients deep into the skin giving it a clearer and healthier appearance.

This cleanser is marvellous for its softer than whipped cream texture and it smells so good! You have to feel this to believe it. I don’t have this cleanser but I want it as it feels unlike any cleanser I have ever used before. This one feels like my skin is being cushioned as I cleanse. It looks like a meringue when it comes out of the bottle.

The Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water range comprises of three distinct sparkling water products which all contain sparkling water obtained from the volcanic regions of south-central France. They are:

Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist, 120ml (RM100)







A fresh sparkling water mist which contains highly concentrated carbonation capsules and contains 47% of sparkling water. These capsules provide the skin with abundant moisturizing nutrients. You have to add these capsules to the bottle before the sparkling properties are activated. As soon as the capsules have been inserted, turn the bottle upside down to watch the water turn sparkling. Use within 6 months if possible.

Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence, 100ml (RM130)



This product really caught my attention for uniqueness. The Pop Essence contains carbonation foam that makes skin look clear and radiant. It contains 31% of sparkling water and abundant nutrients, which increases the brightening effects on the skin. I love the foam that comes out and it feels so cooling and soothing on skin!

Brightening Sparkling Peeling Mask, 3 sheets (RM45)





I have never seen a mask like this before. This is a new concept peeling mask which provides “peeling + moisturizing” effects all at once. The fresh carbonation and peeling substances are formed instantly upon opening the product.

Similar to Pop Essence, the Peeling Mask contains 31% of sparkling water. It also contains AHA/BHA ingredients. AHA is designed to break the bonds that hold dry skin together. By breaking these bonds, clear and bright skin is able to shine through. BHA on the other hand is known to improve skin wrinkling and roughness.

What’s so unique and unusual about this mask? The mask itself is folded into a corner of the sachet and there is a small opening between the mask and the solution. The solution is kept separate from the mask until you are ready to use the mask and then you squeeze the solution through the small opening in order to “wet” the mask. Only then do you open the sachet. The mask is left on for 10 minutes, don’t leave on for longer than the recommended time as the AHA/BHA ingredients have skin peeling properties. The mask feels like a second skin as it adheres so closely to my face.


I have seen a lot of products in these few years but none have come close to being as unusual as this range. My favourite products from this range are the Pop Essence and Peeling Mask. The Pop Essence cools down my skin instantly and the Peeling Mask produces immediate brightening results. I also like the Cleanser immensely because of how incredibly soft it is. All the products smell so good thanks to the refreshing citrus scent.


  1. Hi Juniper,
    It is the current of rave of using carbonated water for the face. Many korean brands has started producing products using carbonated water after the rave on the TV Korean beauty show. It is one of the ways to get flawless skin. Could you actually feel the bubbling up of the mask? Some feel itchy.