Laneige Brush Pact & Watery Cushion Concealer


To create a more photo-ready look, Laneige has launched Brush Pact, a soft-sensation, all-in-one brush coupled with a loose powder that is created to implement the delicate touch of a professional make-up artist in our every day make-up wear.

The all-new Brush Pact comes with a high-quality soft sensation brush, providing a soft feel similar to mink fur with its 0.05mm-thick, densely-made brush. The design of the brush hopes to exude a luxury feel in the hands of its users. To ensure the brush delivers its functions, a few tests were first carried out. The soft-sensation brush has been found to pick up a lot more powder compared to ordinary wool brushes and general synthetic wool brushes. Besides that, the soft-sensation brush has also proved to apply powder evenly without creating streaks. Lastly, after having gone through long-time use and numerous rinsing, the soft-sensation brush showed no signs of deformation.

What is unique about the all-new Brush Pact is that the pact lets users choose different complexions with its silky brush. Users will be able to achieve different types of skin detail, namely texture-improving radiance with #1 Natural Finishing, matte radiance with #2 Pore Blur or splendid radiance with #3 Pink Beam to an average skin complexion. It is also the BB Cushion’s ideal mate for a flawless radiant finish upon application of the the BB Cushion. Lastly, the use of the brush pact will serve to maintain face make-up as if it was just done while keeping make-up fresh for long hours.

Brush pact #2

The Brush Pact is available in 3 shades:

Texture-Improving Radiance (#1 Natural Finishing), 9g (RM105)
A fine natural mineral powder that expresses mineral radiance and transparency with a soft and smooth feel by peeling off layer by layer for long hours with hot water. Present in the powder is Lumi, which offers brightness as it reflects the natural light in all directions, thus providing texture-improving radiance. Those who prefer a ‘glowing’ finish, should opt for this Natural Finishing shade. Its benefits include transforming the skin into a look of natural radiance and providing the skin with a healthy, smooth-like texture.

Brush Tips: Apply to the forehead, the area between eyebrows, cheeks and jaw area in a gentle, circular motion. Apply a small amount to areas with excessive oil to prevent shine.

Matte Radiance (#2 Pore Blur), 4g (RM105)

The Pore Blur shade aims to provide a Photoshop perfecting effect, while keeping the skin soft all day long. This is achieved by effectively controlling oil and sebum with the ingredient of Korea’s first ‘100% pure pore optimizer powder’. Customers who prefer matte-finish, free from shine or better pore coverage would enjoy the finishing that this shade provides. Its light refreshing feel of oil-free, micro-powder, provides strong adherence to the skin without causing any irritation. The Pore Blur also has excellent portability as it is easy to use and also compact.

Brush Tips: Apply in a zigzag motion with the brush to prevent trapping in the pores or creating clumps. If your bangs are divided due to excessive oil on the forehead, apply the brush pact to the inner area of the forehead to prevent or minimize bangs divisions.

Splendid Radiance (#3 Pink Beam), 6g (RM105)

If you feel your skin is dull and you would like a soft highlighter effect to your skin tone, the Pink Beam shade provides a clear defining touch with the cellophane-thin highlighting layer. Integrated with a Triple Technology:
•Pearl Stabilizing Technology – maximizes the unique sensation upon application
•Plasticity-baking Processing – high-temperature baking process that disperses powder within the wax-free emulsion binding thus achieving a thin and even application without clumps
•HD beam pearl – provides a highlighting effect on the desired areas with its lucid smooth pearl touch for an all-round HD highlighting effect.

Brush Tips: Apply on the area starting from the tail of the eyes and the corners of the mouth in a gentle, sliding motion. Apply a small amount to prevent visible diamond lines, but reapply to flat-looking areas to maximise a multidimensional effect.


Watery cushion concealer_open

To complete the photo-ready look, Laneige has also launched the all new Watery Cushion Concealer SPF 35 PA++, a liquid-balm hybrid concealer that provides high coverage with a strong adherence and spreading ability.

Staying in line with current natural make-up trends, this new innovation contains moisturizing properties with whitening functions while providing excellent coverage for blemishes, dark circles, acne scars and dull skin around the eyes and nose area. According to a consumer research that was conducted, good spread ability is the most important feature in a concealer as they are used for various concealing purposes, depending on the needs of the user. Therefore, Laneige has created the Watery Cushion Concealer with unique features to maximise the perfect natural coverage:

1.Liquid-Balm Hybrid technology with high coverage that makes our skin look flawless and smooth

The emulsion-type concealer provides high coverage as it moisturizes the skin and tightly adheres to it, while adding a compact layer of wax over the skin. Upon application, the product instantly provides a high sustaining power by protecting the skin from sweat and sebum.

2. The moisture flocking puff provides double effects of hydration and moisture

Unlike other existing stick concealers in the market that consist only of oil and wax, the liquid balm in the Watery Cushion Concealer contains 35% moisture that is stabilized by the low internal-phase emulsification process. This process is an emulsification technology unique to the Watery Cushion Concealer that enables the product to provide a strong adherence to the skin while ensuring the skin receives maximum moisture.

This is achieved as a result of the water content in the product. Upon application, water is transferred from the water-retaining flocking puff to the skin to deliver an optimal amount of moisture from the liquid balm. The flocking puff is able to hold moisture 11.62 times its weight to enable the skin to receive 10 times the amount of moisture.

3. Lightens blemishes with a brightening effect

The Watery Cushion Concealer makes dull skin look lively and bright while actively lightens blemishes with the presence of arbutin, a natural ingredient that contains whitening properties. Arbutin, a skin whitening cosmetic substance approved by the Korean Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) is a functional ingredient obtained from huckleberries. It has an effect of controlling liver spots and blemishes by controlling the activation and generation of melanin cells.

The Watery Cushion Concealer, which comes in 3 shades: #1 Splendid Cover, #2 Natural Cover and #3 Soft Cover, is an essential item to achieve the perfect natural coverage. When applying the concealer, women can opt for various types of make-up image.

For a Moist Bare Skin look, conceal dark circles by applying to three spots on the skin under the eyes with the liquid concealer. To wear the look of Pure Skin, cover dull skin around the eyes and nose, or areas that cannot be reached with your fingers and finally, to achieve Soft Sheer Skin, make your skin look plump and firm by making the sunken area under the eyes look bright.

The all-new Watery Cushion Concealer is an easy-drawing concealer with good spreading ability. It also provides different coverage effects depending on the order of use when partnered with the Laneige BB Cushion. For the perfect cover, first apply BB Cushion as a base. Then, apply the Cushion Concealer for a flawless finish. For a more natural cover, first apply the Cushion Concealer to the problem areas, then apply BB Cushion to produce a light, natural look.

The simultaneous launch of the Laneige Brush Pact and Watery Cushion Concealer enables consumers to decide on two very distinct types of make-up finishing. For those who are on the go and prefer an easy method of long lasting matte-finish makeup can opt for the Brush Pact + BB Cushion combination. This look is easily achieved and will provide sufficient coverage for spots. On the other hand, if you wish to obtain perfect coverage, the Watery Cushion Concealer + BB Cushion will ensure that you get a blemish and spot-free coverage while still looking au-naturel (flawless).

The all-new Laneige Brush Pact, priced at RM105 and Laneige Watery Cushion Concealer, priced at RM90 will be available at all Laneige beauty counters starting September 2014.