Juniper’s Jaunt To Thailand Trade Show 2012


Since last year’s jaunt to Thailand Trade Show, I was looking forward to this year’s which began today till 11th March at Hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Overall, there seemed to be less to see this time and certainly fewer beauty product exhibitors. However, Soap Villa was one of those who made their appearance again and this time, they have a new soap called the Milk Soap. Their soaps are RM15 each except for the Milk Soap which is RM10.

There are cooking and dessert demonstrations. One of my favourite exhibitors last year and this year is the one featuring Thai desserts, they are lovely to look at. I just want to pick them up and eat on the spot but no tasting allowed unfortunately, not while I was there anyway! My favourite Sweet Beans dessert was displayed in the shape of various fruits.

La Belle is a skincare and natural soap manufacturer. Their soaps are actually their newest products and are priced at RM9 each which is a reasonable price, in my opinion. I wanted to purchase 2 of them but they were only available on the last day of the exhibition, stock had not arrived.

They have Orchid, Rose, Bergamot, Turmeric, Jasmine Rice, Cherry, Pineapple, Water Jasmine, Lemongrass, Milky Bamboo Charcoal, Tamarind and Mango Soaps.

El’menta by Guys & Souls International Company Limited has aromatherapy and home spa products. They have signature scent for the 4 elements depending on one’s birthday.