Juniper’s Jaunt To Aquaria KLCC


You know how some people can live in London for their entire lives but have never visited the Tower of London? Well, I haven’t been to Aquaria KLCC until a few days ago. The tour of Aquaria was part of a launch event which I can only post about later.

It was such a manic afternoon on the road to KLCC thanks to a broken down lorry on the flyover from the KL-Seremban Highway to Jalan Tun Razak. It took me almost 1.5 hours to get to KLCC. It’d normally have taken me half an hour even taking into account the expected afternoon traffic congestion.

By the time I arrived at the venue, the rest of the guests had gone on ahead as part of a group tour so I was assigned my own personal guide who was very helpful in taking pics and dishing out info on the marine life. There’s a travelator around Aquaria but one can choose to walk next to the travelator should one prefer to linger around.

The tunnel is 90 metres long and you can see so many types of fish ranging from Arapama, sand tiger sharks to giant grouper. Feeding times are twice daily. I had just missed the last feeding time of the day. Still, there was lots to keep my attention riveted.

My favourites are the seahorses from New Zealand and Australia (the water has to be very cold for them) as they looked so elegant and you’ve got to admire the male seahorses for being the ones to give birth to the young. If only we humans had that option!

I also liked the Moon Jelly as they looked ethereal like beings from another world. I was behind 2 tourists and they were also as fascinated with the Moon Jelly as I was as they stood in front of them a long time.

I found the Camel and Boxer Shrimps quite fascinating!


 I enjoyed my visit to Aquaria very much indeed.