An Innovative Shopping Experience : Clinique Service As You Like It


Last October, Clinique unveiled its new consumer-inspired concept in shopping, Service As You Like It at Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue. It’s an entirely new look with a brand new shopping experience for consumers. You can read about it here.

Within a few months of the Lord & Taylor counter launch, Clinique Malaysia has unveiled the same concept counter at MidValley. When I first locked eyes on the counter a few days after it’d opened, I was impressed with the orderliness and inviting ambience.

For the jaded beauty consumer, the new concept counter is like a breath of fresh air. There’s a Foundation Bar with a selection of eyeshadows above and a long skincare table where customers can get a thorough and comprehensive skincare consultation with Clinique’s Consultants using the iconic and updated Clinique Diagnostic tool and the two-way Diagnostic Mirror.

My favourite area is the one with a floral motif mirror (wouldn’t mind that on my own dressing table) and four high stools in candy inspired hues. Apparently, those stools didn’t come cheap and indeed, they don’t look like they came from IKEA! I wouldn’t mind having just one of those stools either.

There’s a display area showcasing Clinique’s bestselling skincare products, these include the Clarifying Lotion, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Liquid Facial Soap, Turnaround Concentrate, Moisture Surge, Repairwear Laser Focus & Derma White Clinical Brightening Essence.

Not to be left out, there’s also a display area for men’s skincare products next to the bestsellers display area. The products for sun protection, bodycare and fragrances are neatly displayed in another area.

What’s “Service As You Like It” or SAYLI all about then? Well, it’s about customizing service according to the customer’s needs and moods. SAYLI offers two kinds of service. Firstly, full service for those who aren’t in a hurry and want the full works when it comes to service. These are customers who want one-to-one consultation to be advised on skincare matters after getting their skin analysed and application tips. Secondly, there’s self-service for customers who want to be left alone when they browse. The Foundation & Colour Bar are displayed in an easy-to-use layout so that customers will find it easy to experiment with whatever cosmetics they choose.

According to Yen Chong, Clinique’s Senior Communications Manager, self-service respects the customer’s choice to shop in solitude. Personally, I prefer to be left on my own to swatch colours to my heart’s delight unless I need someone to answer questions about the products. I like this concept where the customer has a choice as to which type of service he or she wants. Looking forward to seeing similar service counters at other locations.