Estee Lauder Model Search Kicks Off At MidValley, Centre Court

Marion Caunter was the Emcee

Estee Lauder’s Model Search is back in town, kicking off at MidValley’s Centre Court on 25th April. As in previous years, two winners will be announced from two categories – Category A for ages 29 and below and Category B for ages 30 and above. There will also be subsidiary title winners.

The Emcee for the Kick-Off Event was the lovely Marion Caunter who also happens to be Estee Lauder’s spokesperson. It was also an event to launch 35 new shades of PureColor Lipstick, 20 shades of Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and 15 shades of Pure Color Crystal Lipstick.

Pure Color Lipsticks By Tom Pecheux

There was a fashion show by Estee Lauder Model Search (ELMS) Winners in Carven Ong Couture. The models were Natacha Meunier, ELMS 2010 Grand Prize Winner Category A, Jasmine Ngee, ELMS 2010 Grand Prize Winner Category B, Cay Kuijpers, ELMS 2008 Grand Prize Winner Category B, Anna Syuhada, EL-Andrews Model Most Promising Catwallk 2010 & Jenna Gong, EL-Canon Most Photo Perfect 2010.

Jasmine Ngee

Natacha Meunier

Anna Syuhada

 ELMS will be at MidValley’s Centre Court from now till 1st May. For other venues and dates, please have a look here. To qualify, contestants have to purchase the ELMS Package for RM300. For more information on the event at MidValley, call 03-2284 8422 (Metro MidValley).


  1. Great.. 35 new colours to choose from. I am Estee Laurder customer for the past 20 years. Love the products. Thank you.