Biotherm’s Aquasource Dives To New Depths Of Hydration


For some years now, I have been using Aquasource Hydration Gel to good effect. Its lightweight gel texture is just perfect for the humidity in this country. I prefer it over heavier cream moisturisers which can be too sticky and difficult to absorb.

Aquasource doubles as an overnight mask for me, I discovered this potential years ago when I first used it. It feels so cool on the skin so it’s great for days when skin is especially irritated and needs a salve. It’s like a fire-fighter aid for hot and bothered skin.

Over the past decade and then some (Aquasource was first launched in 1997), it’s become something of a cult product in the hydration category. There have been many similar moisturisers from different brands but Aquasource remains the best known (to me anyway) and one of the most loved hydration products. In Malaysia, it’s the second best selling product in the hydration category.

Currently, a jar of Aquasource is sold every 8 seconds around the world. Maths isn’t my forte so I won’t do the maths here and figure out the total sold on a daily basis! 14 years on and Biotherm has launched a radically new Aquasource formulation which promises to deliver long-lasting hydration five layers deep into skin.

Hydration Cream
Hydration Gel


Every time a skincare product is reformulated or improved upon, there is a key ingredient(s). In this case, it’s Mannose which in Biotherm’s own words “targets the “hidden part of the iceberg” and plunges layers deep into the skin to help ensure long-lasting hydration while respecting skin’s natural biological rhythm, a trait that is at the core of Biotherm’s ethos”.

The new Aquasource will be available at counters soon and comes in 2 forms, Aquasource hydration cream for dry skins and Aquasource hydration gel for all skin types, it’s suitable for skins that are not super dry or oilier skin types. The price is RM140 for 50ml.


  1. I used to LOVE Biothernm’s Aquasource. I used the Aquasource for Very Dry skin. The new formulation is AWFUL. I woukd gladly pay double to get the old formula. I switched to Nutrisource. Not as good but it has the oil content I need.

    The new formula doesn’t soak in, it’s less emollient, doesn’t give my skin a dewy look after and even worse done gunk is left on top of my skin. I had to wash my face right after.

    I thought I’d bought a bad batch till I found out it was changed and that a new formula was released.

    BIOTHERM please bring the old formula back! I chose this product for the high Squalane oil content and the dewy feel it left. Not sure what changed to make it so gross but please fix it! Why fix perfection?!

    • Sometimes reformulations are not necessarily a good thing. I can also think of a few other products that were better in their old incarnations! Thanks for such a detailed review of the product.