Korean Neck Cream : Dr. Formula Neck Stretching Firming Cream


There aren’t many skincare brands which have neck creams and probably even fewer Korean skincare brands have creams specifically for the neck area. I wonder if it’s even necessary to have a separate cream for the neck because I’ve tried several in the past, all of which didn’t do anything for the recalcitrant lines around my neck.

Last year, I was offered by NOPS to try out Dr. Formula’s Neck Stretching Firming Cream. It’s the only neck cream in the whole shop and I was surprised to even find a neck cream there because I don’t know of another Korean brand which has come up with a neck cream. Maybe I just haven’t been looking around hard enough, I’m sure there are a few out there which have fallen off my radar.

Anyway, this Neck Stretching Firming Cream is supposed to support aging neck skin and have an anti-wrinkle efficacy (just the right prescription for yours truly’s wrinkly neck which has seen much better days). It comes in a round blue and white plastic bottle which has a pump on top to dispense the product. The pump can be locked/unlocked by simply twisting the cap.

Although I think it’s great that I don’t have to dip my fingers into a tub, the plastic bottle is somewhat flimsy as the outer plastic packaging came off on its own accord. It can be twisted back on but I am sure it wasn’t intended to be detachable.

The texture is a lightweight gel so one pump is generally enough for application to my neck and decolletage. I like this texture more than the other neck creams I have tried prior to this as the others were more heavy and some were fragranced whereas this one is fragrance-free.

Unfortunately though, after using this product for 2+ months’ now, I haven’t seen any results, no decrease in the depth of lines nor a more lifted neck. There’s no difference between using this neck cream and a normal moisturiser.  I’ve got a lot of mileage out of this neck cream though because I can’t seem to finish it despite having used it for more than 2 months.

Note : The Dr. Formula Neck Stretching Firming Cream was provided by NOPS for review. It’s 30ml/RM120.