Un Luxe Savon De Florame


Florame has 3 types of organic soaps, i.e. bath soaps, hand soaps and liquid soaps. According to their official website, each organic soap bar has a natural clay base to which is added a mix of organic vegetable oils.

I had a sniff at all the soaps on Raw Nature’s shelves and found that the Orange Blossom soap has the strongest scent. It contains sweet orange peel oil so when it’s first placed in the bathroom, the scent of orange blossom permeates the room.

The lather that it produces is no less than your regular el cheapo soap. My skin feels moisturised after my bath. I have been using it for the past fortnight and there’s still quite a lot of it left. This is definitely a luxury soap as it’s priced at RM29 for 100g.

Note : Florame Orange Blossom Soap was provided by Raw Nature for this review.