There’s A New Spa In Town : Amani Salon & Wellness Centre



 One of the spacious treatment rooms at Amani Salon & Wellness Centre

At the rate spas are opening in the Klang Valley, we might well be on our way to becoming THE spa destination in South-East Asia. During my visit to a spa in the city centre some time ago, I realised that tourists do look for some respite from their hectic tour schedule and shopping and what they want or need is some pampering at our city’s fine spas.

I love discovering new spas especially when they are within easy reach. Scott Garden along Old Klang Road has much to offer in terms of beauty service outlets and one of the latest spas to open there (if not the latest!) is Amani Salon & Wellness Centre which opened for business in January 2013. However, Amani Salon & Wellness Centre is much, much more than just a spa. Amani offers courses to anyone who’d like to learn more about the spa industry and services. It’s also a one-stop centre of complete pampering and well-being as you can even have your hair treatments there.

When you arrive at Amani’s doorstep on the 3rd Floor of Scott Garden, you might think this wasn’t a spacious spa but like me, you would be very mistaken as Amani is one of the most spacious spas I have ever visited. The treatment rooms are a lot bigger than I expected leaving one to think that there’s space in the rooms that needs to be filled but I like the empty spaces as I don’t feel claustrophobic at all.


Treatment room with long bath

Amani derives its name from the Malay word for peace – “aman”. It is a place where you will find holistic treatments such as the Sundãri Abhyanga Massage and Facial. I have heard of Sundãri before and knew that it’s synonymous with pampering your skin with the best quality ingredients combined with a holistic approach. If you are looking for an Ayurvedic solution to your skin concerns, then Sundãri is the answer.

As  Sundãri is based on Ayurvedic principles, for customers who book Sundari treatments, a visit to Amani begins with a “dosha” check, the ancient Indian practice of classifying body types into three “doshas,” called “vata,” “pitta” and “kapha.” Each type reacts differently to factors such as climate, diet and stress levels, and should be addressed accordingly. The popular Sundãri Abhyanga Massage draws on traditional Indian massage techniques and Sundari’s own “marma touch” practice that targets the body’s energy points. It’s similar to shiatsu in theory, but with a lighter, soothing touch, plus generous quantities of warm, fragrant oil.

Amani uses only pure and natural ingredients in treatments to produce natural and lasting results in holistic wellness for its customers. The customer is greeted by warm earthy tones and generous use of bamboo and other natural elements in the décor which creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere that is felt as much as it is seen. This is a very quiet spa and I like the fact that I could hear no noise at all from outside during my visit. Some spas can be very noisy especially if they are located within a busy thoroughfare.


Sundãri products

Amani offers an extensive spa menu as you can choose individual treatments or opt for a spa package which encompasses pampering from head-to-toe but be prepared to spend an entire afternoon there if you’re going for their  package. Amani does not necessarily stick to the time allocated for you as their therapists are prepared to spend a bit more time on you if you have muscles that need more attention, i.e. muscles that need more time for the tension to be relieved.

There’s a wide range of treatments designed to restore, rejuvenate and beautify. The most comprehensive line, known as Spa Journeys, encompass various treatments with specific themes such as “Relax” and “Awaken”, while the Signature Ritual by Amani is the most holistic treatment using Vetiver and Rose as ingredients to restore and rejuvenate the body. The Signature Ritual Treatment starts off with a deep exfoliating scrub using warm oil and salt to cleanse away dead cells, smoothen the skin and loosen knotted muscles. This is followed by a full body wrap. Next, it’s a cleansing immersion in the jacuzzi followed by a full body massage using aromatic oils and spices. Then it’s on to an aromatic facial treatment. You’ll feel like a renewed and rejuvenated person after the entire treatment is completed.


Hair salon with full-length mirrors

Body massages offer much needed relief to tired, tense muscles, and Amani has various packages such as Therapeutic, Aromatic, Hot Stone, Herbal Compress Ball to suit the specific needs of individual customers. For facials Amani has a non-invasive signature facial designed to rehydrate and your skin. Customers who purchase the signature facial this month will receive a complimentary collagen eye treatment. There are also Bathing Rituals (30 minutes) – Milk Bath & Floral Bath.

Currently till the end of May, Amani is offering a 1+1 promo whereby customers who sign up for their Amani Signature Facial (60 minutes) will be entitled to a complimentary Amani Therapeutic Body Massage (60 minutes). The only condition is that both treatments have to be completed on the same day.

The hair salon services are by appointment only as the stylist will only be there when an appointment has been made. I was impressed by the size and design of this salon as the full-size mirrors made it seem like the salon is a lot more spacious than it actually is and a special feature of this salon is that it has lockers so you don’t need to hang on to your bag. That is a very thoughtful touch and shows that customers’ comfort comes first to the owners of this spa.

Prices range from RM38 for a 1 hour Academy Massage to RM335 for the Signature Ritual. Even before I set foot into Amani, I already knew which treatments I wanted to try. I’ll tell you all about them next week!

Amani Salon & Wellness Centre is located at Lot 3.02A, Scott Garden (3rd Floor), 289 Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur (tel : 03-7980 9078). Their email is and website is Opening hours are 11am-9pm so if you are going for the Signature Ritual by Amani, your appointment would have to be 5pm latest.