Talika Skin Retouch®


Primers can address skin concerns such as dullness, open pores and fine lines but they’re short-term effect solution products. New from Talika is Skin Retouch® which at first glance, looks like a primer as it is an “instant retouching” fluid which smoothes skin, fills wrinkles, fine lines and pores. However, it has longer-lasting effects than primers as it claims to have anti-aging and whitening effects in 28 days.

Skin Retouch® has small pigments which create an optical soft-focus effect by unifying the reflection of light within lines and pores. It also contains large pigments to hide imperfections and redness on the surface of the skin.

To apply, just click the applicator to the “ON” position, squeeze out a bit of the product and click the applicator back to the “OFF” position if you want to avoid accidentally squeezing out more. Then using the built-in silicone spatula, smooth it on to skin in upward motions. It can be applied on all areas of skin where you need brightening/filling in fine lines, e.g. face/neck/hands (not for use on eye area).

It does take a few minutes to dry completely so it’s advisable not to touch the areas where the product has been applied during the drying process. It’s also best to wait about 15 minutes before applying foundation, that’s from my personal experience otherwise you might find your foundation/powder looking patchy.

As for instant results, have a look at the “before” and “after” images below:-









My first observation is that there’s an instant improvement to skin tone after the product has been applied, skin looks brighter and more even. Skin feels very smooth and there is a subtle glow and luminosity to cheeks.

There’s a slight improvement to the appearance of fine lines as it plumps up skin. The fine lines don’t look so obvious or glaring after the product has been applied. Skin Retouch® is very portable, you can bring it anywhere since the tube is so lightweight.

Skin Retouch® is now available at the following Talika counters retailing at RM162/30ml:-

  • Parkson Pavilion
  • Parkson KLCC
  • Parkson 1 Utama
  • Parkson Gurney Plaza
  • Isetan KLCC
  • Isetan 1 Utama
  • Metrojaya Mid Valley
Note : Skin Retouch® used for this review is a press sample.