SOU Omakase Dining @ The Gardens


dsc_0054When I was at the door of SOU Omakase Dining @ The Gardens, the wooden doors looked heavy and there was no hint of what to expect behind those doors but of one thing I was certain, the price of lunch wouldn’t be cheap. That’s certainly what one would expect of an “omakase” restaurant” as the term means “I’ll leave it up to you” (from Japanese “to entrust” (任せる makaseru)).

The menu gives some indication of what a diner can expect to be served. The cheapest lunch courses are RM98 followed by another at RM118. Beverage is not included in these set meals other than a cup of ocha at the end of the meal accompanied by dessert. At that kind of prices, I would have thought at least water would be provided but that is charged on the bill if ordered.

 dsc_0059 dsc_0057

As there are no images of any food in the menu, there is an element of surprise every time one of the menu items is ordered. When ordering, the server will enquire whether you want raw food or not. As I have a rash problem recently, I have requested for no shellfish. Otherwise I was okay with any raw fish.

A medley of food is brought out such as salad, chawan mushi, bento, sushi, all beautifully presented on colorful plates and bowls. That makes dining here a real pleasure for the senses. This is where you won’t be able to resist taking lots of the food.

Everything tasted good although the portions are rather small so if you are starving, you’d probably hanker for more. It’s a refined way to dine on a few courses of Japanese food. I do like being surprised by what comes to the table. My favorite was the dessert as it was cappuccino ice cream with what looked like pink egg yolk. It was actually strawberry yogurt!