Kronenburg 1664 Blanc Pause For Le Moment At The Square Publika


kronenburg-1664This weekend, Kronenburg 1664 Blanc brings the flavours and tastes of the French Way of Life to the heart of Kuala Lumpur – allowing one to appreciate all the little quality moments life has to offer, Many headed down to Champs De La Publika, more commonly known as The Square, Publika to kick back, relax and Pause for Le Moment. The weekend was all about taking time to eat and drink, to speak and listen to the people you care about and just enjoy the moment.


The Square, Publika was converted into a French like atmosphere, featuring iconic French landmarks like La Region Du Kronenburg, Rue Du Kronenburg and of course, Champs De La Publika. Members of the public were invited to indulge in hand massages, Kronenburg 1664 Blanc  infused sorbet and macarons, all whilst enjoying typically French entertainment including mimes, cabaret performances, street magicians and the ever popular jazz band – 9Lives.