Sizing Up Samples From Guerlain Orchidée Impériale



Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Longevity Concentrate, Cream & Eye and Lip Cream

Last year, I put up some information on Guerlain’s Orchidarium where Guerlain’s research team have been working to unveil the secret of the orchid. They discovered 3 new orchids selected from 30,000 existing species which have the power to aid the skin to “turn back cellular time” by targeting the mechanisms that lead to the end of cell activity.

Orchidée Impériale is an anti-aging range which claims to restore skin’s strength and density, smooth wrinkles, redefine facial contours and give skin radiance. So I have 3 skincare samples from this range which I have been using over a few days.


Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Longevity Concentrate, Cream & Eye and Lip Cream

Orchidée Impériale Longevity Concentrate

This is probably their star product in the range as it is said to encapsulate a double-concentrated form of the New-Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract and deliver a real global age-defying shock wave to the skin aiding it to “turn back cellular time”. It sounds rather promising as it claims to tauten the skin’s mesh structure giving it back the firmness and density of an orchid petal.

I didn’t feel any immediate tightening sensation despite using it for almost a week. It has a floral scent and is thicker than other serums I have used. It has the feel of a serum from a luxury brand.

Orchidée Impériale Cream

This is quite a rich cream, richer than the Fluid but not as thick and rich as the Rich Cream. I’ve seen and touched the Rich Cream before at their counter and it is one of the thickest moisturisers I’ve encountered. This Cream claims to fight all signs of aging, smooth wrinkles and redefine facial contours. It’s a good moisturiser for dry skin but I wouldn’t say it plumped up my skin. Based on this small sample, I cannot say it had any special moisturising properties which set it apart from other moisturisers.

Orchidée Impériale Eye & Lip Cream

This one can be used on eye and lip contour areas. It targets lack of firmness and loss of inter-cellular support around the eyes and lips. Claims to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Texture isn’t too thick which makes it quite ideal for massaging around eye and lip area.

All the products come with a leaflet which contains instructions on how to massage the products on skin. As these products are from the brand’s premium range, they are priced accordingly. Not products I’d be rushing over to purchase in a hurry and in any case, I seem to have lost interest in the brand. I have just one more Guerlain product to review and then I am done with the brand indefinitely.