Reskin Solution Hydro Gel Mask



Reskin Solution Hydro Gel Mask isn’t the typical hydration mask. This one has a thin gel texture which is very close-fitting to skin. It is soft, pliable and slippery which makes it a bit more troublesome to unfold than non-gel masks. I stored this in the fridge prior to use.

It feels very soothing but the mask is so fitting that it irritated my bottom eyelids, they itched from the time the mask was on my face till I removed it. It’s a bit hard to adjust the mask once it’s on. It comes in 2 parts. I put on the bottom half first but there is no particular order recommended.


The effect is that skin is very well hydrated and my skin felt so soft. I had the mask on for more than half an hour before it started to get dry. Reskin is available exclusively at Sephora but I don’t have the price of this mask and am not sure if it is available yet.

Reskin Solution Hydro Gel Mask has been provided by Recre Cosmetics Co. Ltd. for review.