Sephora Malaysia’s Flagship Store Was Launched With A Bang


When a brand as huge as Sephora is launched, one would expect much fanfare and fireworks and that’s exactly what guests at the launch event got to experience. After much waiting and speculation about when the launch event would be held, Sephora Malaysia’s flagship store at Starhill Gallery was officially launched on 4th May, 2011.

Malaysians finally joined the ranks of Sephorazens in cities like Rome, Paris & New York. What they have had for years, we now have too. No longer are Malaysians deprived of easy access to brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced and Sephora private label collection. We too are able to step into the newly opened Sephora at Starhill Gallery with pride, fulfilling many beauty addicts’ desires.

This flagship store is close to 10,000 square feet in size. Other than offering many previously unavailable brands, facial treatment services will be available here. After the short bursts of fireworks, the store was lighted up beautifully and the party began inside the store.

Who would have guessed Tan Sri Francis Yeoh was such a hip & cool Tan Sri? He danced up a storm to Black Eyed Peas “I’ve Got A Feeling” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. That really worked up the staff who joined him in enthusiasm. Sephora Malaysia will undoubtedly live up to its reputation as being hip, cool, fun and interactive. The atmosphere within the store was electrifying with Tan Sri leading the charge.

There will be a surprise retail experience on the second floor with an international brand name but Ms Violet Ho, Regional General Manager, South East Asia says, “it will be something very exciting, which we prefer not to divulge at this stage as we work with our business partners to bring a whole new experience to Malaysia”.