Divine Ingredients From The Vine : Caudalie Vinosource


The latest addition to Caudalie’s Vinosource skincare range is the Quenching Sorbet-Creme. Vinosource is a hydrating range with 97.2% of ingredients from natural sources. There are no harmful ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, coloring agents, mineral oils and silicones.

Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Creme has been formulated specifically for dehydrated and sensitive skins. It contains three key ingredients from the grape vine:-

(1) Grape Water® extracted from organic grapes during harvesting rich in polysaccharides that have the ability to capture water and conserve the quantity it needs within its cells;

(2) Vinolevure® (exclusive to Caudalie) which is extracted from the walls of wine yeast with unique hydrating, strengthening and protective qualities and can conserve up to 100 times its weight in water; and

(3) Grape-seed Polyphenols, the most powerful anti-oxidants in the plant kingdom, they block 100% of free radicals and are 10,000 times more effective than Vitamin E.

As the name of this product implies, the texture is just like a sorbet and rubbed between the palms, it turns into a liquid. This watery texture is then quickly and rapidly absorbed by the skin. The floral fragrance is refreshing and very pleasant. Upon application, skin immediately feels hydrated and softer.

The new Quenching Sorbet-Creme comes in a 40ml pump bottle and retails at RM120. Other products in the Vinosource range are:-

(1) Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Cream 40ml (dry skin) RM155

(2) Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Nourishing Cream 40ml (dry to very dry skin) RM165

(3) Nourishing Concentrate 15ml RM150

(4) Moisturizing Cream-Mask 50ml RM125

The Nourishing Concentrate is a serum and I liked its texture. It’s recommended for usage a few times a week rather than on a daily basis. The Moisturizing Cream-Mask can be used around the eye area.

All Caudalie products are available exclusively at Sasa & Sasa Selective outlets.