Seeing Spots In MAC’s Beth Ditto Collection


It’s not often that MAC comes out with a powder with a name as unforgettable and a design as eye-catching as “Powder To The People”. This is a versatile and multi-functional powder which can be used in at least 4 ways – as an all-over powder, a highlighter, a blush or as eye shadow. I have used it in all 4 ways.

Looking at the powder for the first time, I didn’t think this would be a totally matte powder as the coloured polka dots appeared to be rather pigmented. When swatched, the polka dots look like a mid-toned brown, a light peach, a yellow and a blue.

If you’re using it as an all-over powder, it’s best to avoid swirling the brush over the yellow and blue polka dots. Just swirl over the pink base, light peach and brown polka dots and you will have a sheer layer of powder which can brighten up your complexion.

As an all-over powder:-

Used as a blush, you’d also want to avoid the yellow and blue polka dots. As the powder is quite sheer, I had to build the colour gradually until it showed as a pale pink. I had to press the brush on to the pink base, peach and brown polka dots a bit harder to get the colour pay-off.

They were actually quite nice as eye shadows especially the peach and brown shades blended together as seen in the images below:-

The blue and yellow in Powder To The People should ideally be used on their own and not together otherwise you’ll get a green shade. In the following images, I layered the blue over Drag, Strip Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner (also from the Beth Ditto Collection):-

Powder To The People retails at RM140.

There are 4 Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners in this Collection:-

Little Miss Moffet True black liner/true white shadow

Drag, Strip Smoky navy liner/pale blue shadow

Beth Mask Reddish brown bronze liner/golden peach pink shadow

Beth Or Glory Deep brown liner/bright blue shadow

There are a number of Korean beauty brands which have similar dual-ended shadow/liner pencils but I believe this is the 1st time MAC has come up with such a product. The liner isn’t going to draw a thin line. This liner is quite thick and rounded so that the colour can be smudged.

Of the 2 liners (Drag, Strip & Little Miss Moffet), I prefer Little Miss Moffet because of the black liner and the white shadow acts as an eye shadow base. The white shadow can also be used on the inner corner of the lower eye area to highlight. The liners don’t drag my eyelids and apply very smoothly and easily. I do like the thickness of the line as it accentuates my eyes. There is no smudging or migration of the liner to my under-eye area and for me, that is the best feature of the Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner.

Drag, Strip

Little Miss Moffet


The Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liners are 0.85g/RM85.

Note : Products have been provided by MAC Malaysia’s PR for review.


  1. Oh gosh I can’t wait for this collection!!! it’s too gorgeous to resist!!!
    Oh i saw you at the warehouse sales but when I wanted to approach you I got lost at the EL cosmetic counter =p