Sasa Sheet Masks Promotion



 L to R – Sasatinnie Pomegranate & Collagen Lifting Silky Mask, Color Combos Skincare Oatmeal Antioxidant Facial Sheet Mask, Color Combos Honey Antioxidant Facial Sheet Mask, Combos Skin Ginseng Firming Mask

Sasa is currently having a promotion on certain sheet masks, it’s 4 for RM10 which makes this a really good buy considering that most sheet masks at drugstores start from RM5.90 each. There’s a wide selection for all sorts of skin conditions so I picked up a few after not getting any for some time.

Of the 4, only the Color Combos Masks (Oatmeal & Honey) have flaps that cover the neck and there are openings to latch on to the ears so that it provides some sort of firming effect. These are also the most hydrating masks because they contain 30g formula whereas with the Sasatinnie and Combos Skin masks, they are 25ml and 22g respectively. The mask with the strongest scent was the Combos Skin Ginseng Firming Mask but it didn’t last long.


Color Combos Mask (Oatmeal & Honey)

Actually, all the masks are just average providing short-term moisturisation. The Color Combos Mask also has Oatmeal & Honey Hydrating versions while the Combos Skin Mask has Mulberry Antioxidant, Tea Tree Balancing, Rose Moisturising, Aloe Hydrating & Pomegranate Whitening versions.