For Sagging Necks, There’s Sisley Neck Cream


sisley-neck-creamNecks are quite vulnerable because the support muscles of the neck are less resistant than those of the face so it’s more prone to sagging. Sisley Neck Cream is formulated to smooth, firm and refine skin texture of the neck. Even if we have a wrinkle-free face, the lines on the neck can give away our age. I haven’t tried that many neck creams since not every beauty brand has a neck cream. Those that do are few and far between.

dsc_1923Sisley Neck Cream is quite fluid and contains several key ingredients such as Lady’ Mantle, Algae Extract and Linden, all of which help fight free radicals as well as smoothen and soften the neck. The cream feels light but hydrating. As I don’t have the whole jar, I can’t say if the lines on my neck will diminish after a month or two of continuous application.