Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour



 Ms. Audri Zin, Product & Brand Development Manager of Miliyasutra Sdn. Bhd.

Ronasutra™ has expanded this year with the opening of new outlets at Plaza Shah Alam and the latest at Subang Parade. The most exciting product launched in recent months is their Mineral Eye Colour which comes in sets of 3 contained in stackable containers.

According to Ms. Audri Zin, Product & Brand Development Manager of Miliyasutra Sdn. Bhd., “the eye colours are made from 100% minerals, hence are free from potentially harsh chemicals including binders, talc, dyes, fragrances, synthetics, animal extracts, preservatives and oils.”

Each set consists of 3 complementing shades, there are highlights, light to dark shades. The packaging is convenient as you can mix and match the shades if you purchase more than one set. There are orange, gold, dark green, mauve, silver, violet, purple shades. You will definitely find a set that you’ll love.

palette e1

palette e1 swatches

Palette E1 : Bone, Orange Brown, Deep Brown

palette e2

palette e2 swatches

Palette E2 : Pearl, Mauve, Plum Brown



palette e3


palette e3 swatches


Palette E3 : Light Gold, Gold, Dark Green

palette e4


palette e4 swatches


Palette E4 : Soft Silver, Violet, Purple Brown


palette e5


palette e5 swatches


Palette E5 : Sunlight, Emerald, Moss Brown

These loose shadows are very fine and it may be a bit tricky to use at first. It’s easier to apply them with fingers but to blend them nicely, you might want to use a brush. Of course, these are very pigmented and you need the most minute amount as the colour pay-off is excellent.

The effect varies depending on how you apply them. They can be quite sheer or very intense. Ms. Audri advises on the application techniques, “Dab and blend the colours with your fingers or apply a primer beforehand to achieve an intense dimensional shimmer. Alternatively, apply a layer of powder before applying the eye colours to create a soft, matte finish.”

In addition, Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour can be used as eyeliner or eyebrow colour through various techniques and applicators. For example, using a slight damp brush on the skin will add a strong defined line on the eye, similar to the effect of a liquid eyeliner.

Each set is priced at a very affordable RM38. Most other brands with such products would price their versions at twice this price so RM38 is very reasonable indeed. Check them out at Ronasutra counters at Subang Parade, Plaza Shah Alam and Wangsa Walk.