Poise Organics Wellness Studio Creamy Rose Petals Treatment


It’s been some time since my last visit to Poise Organics Wellness Studio for a massage. During their 2nd Anniversary celebrations, they offered the Creamy Rose Petals Treatment at RM99 (n/p RM229) and anyone who purchased the treatment would be entitled to a lucky draw. I drew a free manicure/pedicure.

Even on a weekday afternoon, the spa had quite a few customers which is no surprise as the spa has gained a following in the area. My treatment began with a foot bath after which I was ushered upstairs to one of the treatment rooms.

The session began with the rose petals scrub and wrap. Then, it was off to the shower to wash it all off. I asked the therapist whether I could have the entire 1 hour massage on my back as I had tired muscles from my neck to my feet.

In retrospect, I think I should just have stuck to the full body massage, i.e. front & back as there was too much pressure on my back and now that it’s almost 1 week after the treatment, my back still feels sore and painful especially my lower back. Up till yesterday, I felt like a geriatric as I had to hold on to the table in order to get up from my chair. I was also moving slowly as I could feel the ache shoot up my back with sudden movements including when I sneezed. I haven’t felt this sore after a massage. I have been applying analgesic balm on my back ever since the massage.

The bones on my back have been hurting and I have to balance myself when I get up from a chair or out of bed. I can’t even bend down and have to squat down to pick up something. I’m not sure if too much pressure was applied to certain areas or whether it’s because my back was extra sensitive to pressure but it’ll take a while before the soreness goes away.

Although I didn’t enjoy the massage session that much this time, I thought the manicure/pedicure was excellent as the Vietnamese girl was so patient and meticulous during the 1 hour session. She doesn’t understand English and I’m not sure she even understood my Malay but she is sweet and very, very thorough in cleaning my nails. Makes me want to go back there for another manicure. The colour is from OPI’s latest Skyfall collection. Love the shade as it appears to be grey/blue/purple with shimmer.