Poise Organic Wellness Studio 2nd Anniversary


Poise Organic Wellness Studio celebrates their 2nd Anniversary today. I’ve just been there for the past 3 hours as there were lots of activities to keep guests occupied including tarot reading, manicure, sitting for a sketch and of course, food.

The tarot reading was by Chain Regina Angelium of Scotland who was bedecked in a white gown just like an angel. That was my first ever tarot reading session and I was allowed to ask 3 questions about my life, all of which were answered after I’d pulled out a card. That was a bit intriguing and scary as I didn’t want to pull out the Death Card (thankfully I didn’t). At this session, Chain Regina Angelium touched me with her wand and gave me the angels’ blessings. Apparently, I just might have success with this blog after 5 years, long time. I might be done with this blog before then, who knows? Things change and so do people.

The manicure was lovely and enjoyable. This is only my 2nd professional manicure session since I am not a manicure fan but I might get hooked after a few more sessions. Anyway, great afternoon at Poise and congratulations to them on their 2nd year in business. They will be opening their 2nd spa on Jalan Ampang Hilir on 23rd September 2012.