Now I Can Wear My Mask On My Clothes Too


dsc_9334All of us have been wearing face masks for months, some of us started even before MCO was imposed in March so we are all used to it by now. Never leave home without your mask otherwise you will be denied entry into any public spaces and be fined too. I always remember to replace my used masks in my car. The masks are more important than my wallet nowadays!

So I was looking at brooches on where else but Shopee and came across face mask brooches. So cute, just had to get one and they are available in white, pink and blue. Of course I had to get that most popular colour of masks – blue. The brooch is a lot nicer and sturdier than I expected. Yes now I can wear this pretty blue face mask (brooch) on my clothes too! I love the design, will be wearing it long after we are all immune to Covid-19.