Origins Modern Friction



Maybe I have thick skin (literally and figuratively) but I really like my exfoliators to feel a bit harsh on my skin. I’ve used my fair share of facial scrubs and few are as memorable as Origins Modern Friction™. The rice starch formula has the nicest scent. I love the creamy paste and think it is much better than scrubs which are less thick in texture.

I apply a small amount on my face without adding water at first and as I start massaging, I add water gradually. It leaves my skin feeling superbly soft and smooth afterwards. However, it might be a bit drying if you have dehydrated skin so what I usually do after this using this scrub is apply a hydrating mask, that restores the hydration.


My 50ml tube of Modern Friction™ is part of the Age-Erasing Trio Set purchased at the Suria Meriang sale last year. Modern Friction™ retails at RM120.