Majolica Majorca’s Newest Mascara : Lash King


Majolica Majorca is undoubtedly a drugstore brand most well known for its mascaras, some of which are said to be on par in performance and results as some counter brands but I haven’t tested one until now. Yes, it’s the latest Majolica Majorca mascara, Lash King (also said to be MM’s best ever).

What’s this one all about then? Well, it incorporates all functions of each and every MM mascara (hence the name….Lash King okay, not Lash Queen) including Lash Expander Frame Plus’s super length, Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On’s ultra thickness and Lash Gorgeous Wing NEO’s ability to create pretty, fluttery lashes.

The graphic design on the mascara tube is quite whimsical and up front and centre is the gold royal crest with the name of the mascara emblazoned on it. Lash King contains 5mm long jet-black fibers in every single coat of mascara. These fibers are the key to lengthening lashes.

Indeed, the mascara wand is full of these fibers. When I pull the mascara wand out of the tube, there are fibers galore sticking to every inch of the wand especially on the tip. It’s infused with Volume Impact Wax and Volume Powder for adhering better to each lash and adding long-lasting major volume for full and lush lashes. The brush is called the Acrobat Catch Brush and was designed to maximize intense volume and length.

Each bristle is meticulously packed to ensure each lash is aplied with enough amount of liquid fiber. The mascara contains Speedy Dry Oil as well as gloss oil to define the darkness of each lash to achieve doll-like eyes.

One application does not produce the kind of dramatic looking lashes promised by Lash King. I needed quite a number of applications before my lashes got the kind of volume and length you see in the pics above although I will say that it took less applications to get my lashes lifted (no eyelash curler used). My lashes stayed curled like that all day with no smudging, this is a waterproof mascara after all that’s resistant to sweat, sebum and tears so you might want to consider using Lash King the next time you’re going off to watch a weepy movie at the cinema.

Initially, Lash King provided definition to my lashes but too many applications and lashes can look clumpy. For me, this is more of a volumizing and curling mascara than a lengthening one. I am not saying it doesn’t lengthen but just not the kind of lashes that will elicit “Are you wearing falsies?”.

When it comes to colour, Lash King does deliver as my lashes look jet-black. It is very easy to remove this mascara despite the fibers as it does not land on my eye area or cheeks when I remove it with eye make-up remover. It all comes off on to the cotton pad.

Lash King (6g) will be available at all Watson’s nationwide (wherever MM is available) and retail at RM59.90.