MAC Dudes & Dandies (Mini) Workshop



So you think make-up and grooming workshops are just for the ladies? Not for the brand whose mantra is “all ages, all races, all sexes”. Yes! MAC Cosmetics has a workshop specifically for men which covers the basics of grooming which means applying the right skincare for your skin type and applying natural make-up to cover up any flaws and imperfections.

A couple of weeks ago, Senior MAC Artist Haritha Shan presented a mini workshop for men at MAC MidValley. The session was complimentary and initially 4 guys signed up for it but this being a Saturday morning, half that number turned up. I applaud the 2 guys who sportingly turned up and participated.


Haritha started by applying Softening Lotion followed by a gel moisturizer. To control shine, apply Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone (not for dehydrated skin). Immediately, skin looks matte and non-shiny. Even for guys, it is important to use eye cream to reduce and prevent fine lines from forming.

The most ideal foundation for guys is the Face And Body Foundation as it has the lightest texture of all MAC foundations and skin looks fresh, clean and presentable. The last thing guys want is for someone to notice they have foundation on, right? Loose powder can be applied over it if necessary.


For brows, guys can use brow gel, eye shadow or a brow pencil to darken brows. The key point to note for guys is to not look like they are too made up, keeping it natural. I think in today’s competitive world, it’s important for men in many professions to look as groomed and presentable as possible.


I hope the 2 participants in this mini workshop enjoyed their session and they do look great with minimal make-up on.


  1. I think it is common now for men to look well groomed. it is just that there is still this perception that going ‘natural’ means they don’t use anything or their face at all. More like I say being lazy for not using any skincare of anything at all. Skincare is not just for women alone.